Would your sites benefit from:

* Electrical savings of up to 30%
* 10% savings guaranteed
* 12 cooling month return on investment

AncillaryAnalytcis – MultiFamily Energy Savings will unveil this electrical savings solution at NAA – Maximize. This two part green catalyst plus a green lubricity agent that is added to an air conditioning refrigerant circuit to improve the efficiency of the system by removing oil fouling in the coils, lowering apparent evaporator temperatures, and increasing the lubricity of the refrigerant oil.

In virtually all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, .5% – 8% of the compressor lubricating oil circulates with the refrigerant. This oil attaches to the inner walls of the refrigeration tubing and inhibits heat exchange. Contaminating oil films are deposited throughout the system and it is these oil deposits that ultimately inhibit heat transfer and reduce system efficiency.

This green catalyst electrical saving solution:

* Removes oil fouling
* Significantly improves heat transfer in the evaporator and condensing coils
* Causes refrigerant to evaporate at a lower temperature
* Produces colder air faster
* Delivers colder air through vents
* Generates 54% higher lubricity to compressor oil
* Allows compressors to run cooler
* Extends the life of the compressor, delaying maintenance
* Reduces AC costs
* Delivers colder vent air faster
* Will help to reduce equipment repair costs
* Has been shown to reduce compressor noise
* Extends equipment life
* Lasts for the lifetime of the cooling system
* The most cost effective way to enhance system performance

For more information please join us at Maximize of Monday at 3:00 or feel free to reach out for more information at info@ancillaryanalytics.com