We Are Here To Serve You

We strive every day to share our expertise and bandwidth to enhance the day to day experiences of everyone in multifamily. Built on customer service and account management principles we look to assist our partner clients in every way we can. Our goal is to create lasting, strong relationships that allow our clients to be more productive and more at ease in their daily work lives. We care about those we work with, deliver on our statements and are with you every step of the way.

Our Valuable Team Members

Dan Gaddis - BEP, CGPM, AE
Dan Gaddis - BEP, CGPM, AEManaging Director
Leveraging decades of multifamily experience Dan supports the ongoing vision and customer focused value that AncillaryAnalytics loves delivering to multifamily.
Chris Yeung
Chris YeungDirector of Technology
Chris leads our technology and development teams. Chris’s teams keep AncillaryAnalytics and MultiFamily Energy Management software systems running smoothly for our clients while creating some of most imaginative and valuable ancillary and energy management solutions in multifamily.
Ty Hallock
Ty HallockDirector of Operations
Operations efficiencies are the name of the game in ancillary and energy revenue creation. Ty maintains quality process solutions while helping to deliver the valuable outcomes our clients require to move the dial on their bottom line.
Mary Sue Harman
Mary Sue HarmanFinance
Financials are a main focus of AncillaryAnalytics and Mary Sue insures best practices and transparency in our financial processes.
The importance of usable information is paramount at AnacillaryAnalaytics. Snowy insures that our communication of value and client solutions is easy to understand and relateable to our wide audience in multifamily.
Taylor Leach
Taylor LeachWater Conservation
Water is the number one best area to save money in terms of energy savings in multifamily. Taylor understands not only the best solutions to achieve long term savings but also best practices to insure success at every turn.
Mark Henderson
Mark HendersonElectric & Building Retrofit
A go-to-guy if there ever was one, Mark allows for AncillaryAnalytcis clients to cover even more ground than his vast experience in LED, soar, construction retrofit and many other solutions to site and electrical cost and savings.
Steve Corliss
Steve CorlissBill, Tax & Rate Audit
Everyone needs a Steve and we are happy to have ours available to clients to insure bill errors return funds to them along with through reviews of tax and energy rate savings solutions that produce large returns.